Dead Man's Farm Haunted House Attraction

Thursday, Oct 11, 2018 from 7:30pm to 10:00pm


The Bludgeon House "The Missing"
Come experience an approximate 35-45 minute, walk through haunted attraction at The Bludgeon House. Psychologically designed to shock your senses, test your limits, and bring out your deepest fears!

We need you to enter The Bludgeon House as our "Community Observer". It's been 10 years since the police found the bodies at The Bludgeon House. The community has been screaming for justice and now the Mayor can't ignore the pressure to find out the truth of what happened to all the tortured and murdered victims. Arrests of the Bludgeon Family members have been made, but none were ever convicted. Unfortunately, no witnesses survived to testify against any of the family members. Some witnesses simply disappeared, others died around mysterious circumstances.

The few people that still remember say the family was very secluded; doing everything for themselves at the farm. Raising their own crops, slaughtering their own meat and even performing medical and dental procedures on each other. That is until they fell onto hard times. Witnesses reported that they were using Black Magic to experiment on the crops, the farm animals and eventually the poor farm hands.

They twisted the land and the beasts into unnatural abominations in their attempt to make the farm more profitable. Being unsuccessful in the end, the farm was foreclosed on. What the police found was a gruesome scene of human corpses, animal parts and some supernatural creatures. The Bludgeon's are still here. Are you brave enough to enter and help the police and the Mayor find justice???

Buried Alive! Casket Simulator
Lay down in our casket simulator alone or with a friend. Hold your breath as we close the lid. In the pitch black, Hear the sounds and Feel the movements. Smell the roses, dirt and decay. Can you handle being buried alive? Choose from Two Scenerios: "The Last Ride" or "Escape From Vlad's Castle".

Midway Entertainment
Excitement and Horror that you won't find anywhere but our Midway! Outside Entertainment, Meet Characters, Bonfires, Music, Concessions and Special Guests!   

Scare Free Zone
Are you Chicken? Too scared to go inside with your friends? No problem! Just sit by our bonfires in the 'Scare-Free Zone', and enjoy the outdoor entertainment for free.