Memphis Sundance Film Festival

Memphis Sundance Film Festival

Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021 at 6:00pm

  $25 per vehicle ($20 for members)

Schedule of Events

6:00PM - Marvelous & The Black Hole

Directed by Kate Tsang

Thirteen-year-old Sammy is struggling to cope with the death of her mother. After she is caught vandalizing one of her school's restrooms, her father, fed up with her wild behavior, enrolls her in a summer course—if she fails, she'll be sent to a boot camp for delinquent youth. After storming out of her first class, Sammy meets Margot, a surly magician. Margot forces Sammy to be her assistant for a performance, and although Sammy seems uninterested, she seeks Margot out after the show and asks to become Margot's pupil. Margot agrees, and as their unlikely friendship grows, we learn that she and Sammy understand each other more than they expected.

With sensitivity and care, director Kate Tsang delivers a touching coming-of-age story punctuated by moments of whimsy and magic. Newcomer Miya Cech's heartfelt performance fully immerses us in Sammy's sadness, grief, and anger and inspires us to root for her emergence, while Rhea Perlman gives a charming, wry turn as the girl's unlikely mentor.

8:30PM - Philly D.A.

Directed by Ted Passon & Yoni Brook

For 30 years, civil rights attorney Larry Krasner called out policies that caused Philadelphia to become the major city in America with the most incarcerations. More than 75 times, he sued police officers who perpetuated corruption and brutality. This made him an unlikely candidate for district attorney, but in 2017 he launched an election campaign that promised to reform the system. Passionate in his beliefs, and buoyed by activists committed to ending mass incarceration, Krasner set out to revolutionize his city's criminal justice system from the inside.

Directors Ted Passon and Yoni Brook rigorously bring to life the people impacted and incensed by the failings of the system, as well as those fighting to maintain the status quo. Tracking an election with shocking turns and a first term full of unprecedented moves, Passon and Brook smartly keep Krasner as their fulcrum. But after establishing a truly radical platform, Philly D.A. asks, can this controversial figure actually implement meaningful change?