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Grainger County Tomato Festival

​7480 Rutledge Pike

Our mission is to promote Grainger County agricultural products, specifically the Grainger County Tomato, and to promote the local artists and craftsmen.

About Us:

The Grainger County Tomato Festival was organized in 1992 to promote our world famous Grainger County Tomatoes. Our mission is to promote all Grainger County agricultural products, specifically the Grainger County Tomato, and to promote the many local artists, authors, talent, and craftsmen we have in our area. Over the years we have added a number of special events making the festival one of the largest free festivals in East Tennessee and has been named by Parade magazine as one of the top ten free festivals in the USA. The festival is always the last full weekend in July in Rutledge, Tennessee. Be sure to mark your calendars! You don't want to miss it. It's always a three day festival, and we have numerous vendors with food, crafts, art, authors, and commercial exhibits.

We also have a living history section where people are dressed in period clothing exhibiting what life was like during the Revolutionary War. There are vendors in this area as well selling handmade items like leather goods, wooden toys, and iron tools. These craftsmen are demonstrating their craft right there on the festival grounds, and they love to share their knowledge. This is an educational opportunity for the entire family.

Another crowd favorite is the tractor and engine exhibit and its not just for the guys. The ladies are included thanks to the pink tractors. The folks that own these wonderful machines are right there with them and love to talk about all that is involved with restoration and use.

We have several misting tents scattered around the festival grounds that cool the air by about 15 degrees. We do welcome dogs and you can find many water stations for your pups to get a drink to cool off. It is July and it will be hot so please keep that in mind when you bring your pets out for a day of festivities.   

​The Tomato Wars is so popular that we had to add an extra day to accommodate all the sign ups, which is a great thing because it's a fundraiser for God's Planet for Haiti. We have had tv stations and news stations sign up and battle it out with the too ripe to sell tomatoes that the Grainger County tomato farmers have donated for the event. It's not so clean fun for families, businesses, and church groups to get in on the action. 


Yolanda Rodriguez

Sunday, July 29, 2018
Great festival with many activities, shopping booths, educational groups, dance shows, tomato wars, and even a hot air balloon! The people are great and incredibly welcoming. During our visit, we got to try apple butter for the first time (and cook some!), learn about tractors, learn about milking a cow, try new foods (such as tomato jelly), and meet many great people! Great place to take kids! There are portable bathrooms on site and good parking options for a festival.

Andrea Breeding

Saturday, July 28, 2018
Fun festival with lots of arts/crafts, activities for kids, good variety of food. Dog watering stations a nice touch for the furry festival goers. Easy parking. Some vendors indoors were mostly authors selling their books. A little different but good all the same. Produce looked high quality. To be expected. A section for historical dress and living back to 1800s was interesting.

Ricky Hamilton

Friday, July 27, 2018
Great to get just about any vegetable that you can think of and get it a whole lot cheaper then in the store. All kinds of goodies from homemade ice cream Fried Green Tomatoes funnel cakes. All kinds of arts and crafts old timey tractors to look at just a great place to be this time of the year. If you can you don't want to miss out Grainger County Tomato Festival is a great place to check it out.

Diana Kinard

Saturday, July 28, 2018
Enjoyed the festival but when it came time for the concert everyone lit up their cigarettes and I could hardly breathe. This was to be a non-smoking event! None of the ushers or police said a word to the smokers,or ask them to go to the smoking area, matter of fact one of the ushers was smoking in the VIP section. Very disrespectful and not the kind of manners your mamaw would be proud about, for sure. Also didn't realize this was going to be a platform for Republican nominees! Should have given democrats the same rights. I will never return!

Cindy Lucas

Sunday, July 29, 2018
Absolutely stunning!!! The best thing that I have been to since living in TN, my parents have lived here 4 Years and they agreed, my aunt and uncle and cousins have lived in the area all their lives and WE ALL had a lot of fun, it was Great

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