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Tusculum College



Tusculum College provides a liberal arts education in a Judeo-Christian and civic arts environment with pathways for career preparation, personal development and civic engagement.


Tusculum College strives to actualize educational excellence and ongoing relevance through our third century by:

Establishing transformative living and learning communities,

Reflecting institutional integrity through aspirational leadership and academic innovation,

Distinguishing Tusculum College alumni as leading citizen-scholars, and

Maximizing individual, group, and community fiscal support and partnerships to promote innovation.


Integrity: Encompassing honesty and trustworthiness, all members of the Tusculum Community value and live with integrity, respect and virtue in communications, relationships and actions.

Education: We value a balanced education grounded in the civic and liberal arts and career preparedness. Our goal is for students to develop practical wisdom, global literacy, critical and independent thinking, and an appreciation for life-long learning, diversity and inclusion.

Civic Responsibility: We value our unique heritage in the civic arts and the Judeo-Christian tradition, and seek to develop citizen-scholars who will serve their communities throughout the world. We develop students as leaders who problem solve with reflective judgment.


Connie White

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018
If you are thinking of attending Tusculum you should. It's a great school. I'm a parent of a student there. They go above and beyond for the students. Especially in emergencies. My daughter donated blood and when she went to eat dinner she passed out. Because she didn't eat properly before. She had a gash that needed stitches. She went to the hospital and someone from student affairs and a teacher went to the hospital and stayed with her then took her to the pharmacy and back to her dorm. I want to thank them for doing this. I was pacing around waiting to know how bad it was and ready to make the trip if needed.

Anthony Foister

Friday, April 6, 2018
Kind staff with a great and beautiful campus. Would highly recommend this University!

Pharoah M

Friday, March 23, 2018
If you actually care about yourself do not come here this is the worst college ever. I am very honest dude and if it was amazing I would say it. The buildings here are old,the food is disgusting and it is a whole bunch of,ignorant low lives here. Literally have people who smokes and loud all day and night like 3 and 4 in the morning. You let peoole know and the RA do not do anything. I am,only here because of my sport and I am out of here immediately if you are from the city do not come here just being honest way to rural,and red neck. Nothing goes on campus everything about this place sucks the sports program are some what the only thing that is keeping tusculum safe. I absolutely hate it here lol the worst decision of my life. Please kids follow your dreams and go,to hbcu or a college in the city that is best for you do,not go chasing money that is the worst you can do. Majority of the professors suck as well. People,pay way to,much money for this crappy school people who say Tusculum is good are either staff or payed to do so. They trick you on it being a good school Tusculum they are very good with words and help to sell you in. Do not fall for it. I really do,not see how this school is even open. Just a bunch of country people who do not plan on doing much with their lives.

Leslie Hensley

Tuesday, July 11, 2017
As a person who has spent time at several small institutions (whether as a student, an employee, or somewhere in between), I can honestly say that Tusculum College exudes all of the best aspects of small town college life. Need to make a late night Cook Out run? No problem. Want to join a club on campus and meet people with common interests? No problem. Need a great cup of coffee to start your day that's merely walking distance from the dorms? No problem. Want to explore entertainment venues, shopping areas, and amusement sites without driving for hours and hours to do so? No problem. Need a small professor to student ratio for a better educational experience? No problem. Want to experience a college football tailgate and paint up for the big game? Again, no problem. Surely, by now, you get the idea. Tusculum College has everything you need and more to have a one-of-a-kind college experience. While having "everything" you may need for a great college experience is important, I can attest that it's the people at Tusculum that will make ensure the experience is worthwhile. For those who haven't had a positive experience, you didn't give it a fair shake. For every disgruntled student, there are 10 others who loved their professors. For every athlete that left or quit, there are 10 others who stuck it out and will return to participate in alumni games. For every person who stayed in their dorm room and passed on their friends' plans for the day, there are 10 others who made the most of their time at Tusculum, doing anything and everything and trying not to miss a single thing. At Tusculum College, they suggest that you "pioneer" your future. It's a verb...act on it. And as always, Pioneer Up!

Nick Forsberg

Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018
I am rating Tusculum University 4 out of 5 stars because my experience has been great and there is room to continue to improve the student experience and activities on campus. Tusculum University has been my home going on five years now (Arrived Fall 2012) as I came from Minnesota and a small town of less than 3,000 people to play collegiate golf. I studied Sport Management in my Undergrad and was proactive during my time as a student-athlete while balancing playing a sport and my studies. This led to my current position as a Graduate Assistant for the Athletic Department. I am close to finishing my Masters and recently committed to continue working with the Athletic Department going into next year. I can not thank Tusculum enough for the experience I have had thus far and treating me like family. Your experience at Tusculum is going to be what you make it. How active do YOU want to be and what do YOU want to get out of your time at Tusculum. Student Activities are spread out throughout the year and campus life activities such as intramural's are limited but there are people on campus that will help students make activities come to life. Food is exceptional as I have communicated with transfer students who say that it was an upgrade from their previous school. I personally felt that over the past five years the cafeteria has drastically improved with a good salad bar everyday, a consistent sandwich line and then a variety of different entrees each day AND it is ALL YOU CAN EAT.. Some days are better than others, but you have consistency in case you do not like the entree choices. Dorm Facilities have a range of comfort, from communal style to apartment style. It is quite obvious that some living conditions will be better than others, however, it is what you make it and what your expectation is. If you have a question on housing or food, you can ask your tour representative for a look inside or for a taste in the cafeteria. Communication was also important in my time with Tusculum. If you need something done, communicate, ask and do not expect it will just happen. The best experiences I had where during my travel and practice with my team but also when I started to become more active on campus and volunteer to help with the things I enjoy most. The worst experiences I have herd from fellow students is mostly due to the fact that they are not looking at the problem from both sides. I had the same issues but when I dug deeper and tried to understand why something is the way it is here, good or bad, I had more and more respect for the process and then wanted to know how I could help make it better from a students prospective. Your experience is going to be what you make it and how positive and proactive you will be. Tusculum has been a home away from home.

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