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Fire Museum of Memphis

Fire Museum of Memphis
118 Adams Avenue

The Fire Museum of Memphis welcomes you to enjoy a unique experience among fire museums in the United States. We hope the information that follows will illustrate the scope of the memorabilia, edutainment, tributes, and history the award winning museum has to offer.
MISSION: The mission of the Fire Museum of Memphis is:
    To promote education of fire and life safety.
    To reduce injury, life-loss, and property-loss related to fire.
    To recognize and preserve the heritage of the fire service and its contribution to the community.
VISION: The vision of success for the Fire Museum of Memphis is to:
    Reduce fire injuries and deaths
    Reach capacity for museum visitors; become a destination site for tourism in Memphis
    Be locally and nationally recognized for the quality of its programming and exhibits
    Celebrate the heroism of fire fighters and be a gathering place for fire fighters
    Have strong collaborations with the Memphis and area fire departments
    Achieve financial independence

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