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Guinness World of Records Museum

Guinness World of Records Museum
631 Parkway, Suite B-11

The Guinness World of Records Museum features hundreds of astounding exhibits from the famous Guinness Book of World Records and the new Guinness Prime-time TV Show.
There is an incredible line-up of feats, facts and records in an amazing display of unparalleled fun. Dramatic recreations come to life at the all new and expanded edition of Guinness World of Records. Go deep into a cave to see natural wonders, board the Ark with Noah and the animals, come to the circus to meet unusual people.

Witness breathtaking wonders of nature. See authentic memorabilia from celebrity record holders like the famous Elvis "Hound Dog" boat. Compare your height to
the tallest man. See the most expensive car.  And, for generations of "Batman" fans, The Batmobile, the most famous TV car, rests in the Bat Cave at Guinness. All are designed to amaze, astound, delight and enlighten. Everything you see has really happened. 

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