Information on:

Heritage Park

1241 Peachers Mill Road

Facility Descriptions:

  • Off-Leash Dog Park/Bark Park
  • Soccer Fields
  • 8 lighted Softball & Baseball Fields
  • Concession/Restroom Building
  • Playground Equipment
  • Skatepark
  • Basketball Courts
  • 3 Pavilions
  • Picnic Tables
  • 104.0 Acres

Park Rules

- Hours : Dawn to Dusk
- All pets must be on a leash and pet waste must be picked up.
- No pets in playgrounds or on sports fields or concert/event areas
- No smoking in playgrounds or on sports fields or concert/event areas
- No drugs
- No profanity
- Alcoholic beverages prohibited (except as provided by Ordinance 4-2012-13)
- No motorized objects except mobility devices on walkways and paths
- No firearms (except as provided by Resolution 37-2010-11)
- Parking in designated areas only
- No smoking within 25 feet of entrances to buildings (State law)
- No camping or open fires (except with Parks Department Approval)
- No sleeping on park benches, picnic tables, sidewalks, walking/running/biking trails or paths or inside buildings or other structures within the park.
- No metal or artifact detecting
- No disturbance of plants or wildlife

Dog Park Rules

- Park users must immediately clean up and properly dispose of any waste left by their own dog(s).
- Unaltered dogs, puppies under the age of four months, dogs with contagious diseases or aggressive dogs are not allowed in the Bark Park.
- Park users must be inside the Dog Park, within view of their dogs and have access to a leash at all times.
- Dogs must be under voice control.
- Dogs shall not dig or disturb park resources
- The minimum age for human users is 18 years of age.
- Children between the ages of 5 and 17 may enter with a parent or guardian.
- Children less than 5 years old are not permitted in the fenced area for their safety.
- No more than two dogs per person in the off-leash area at one time
- Dog shows or training classes by reservation only
- NO grooming, smoking, food or drinks other than water, glass containers or animals other than dogs are allowed in the off leash area.
- The park can be closed at any time by Parks and Recreation for maintenance.
- All other general park rules and city ordinances must be obeyed.
- Violation of rules may result in loss of privileges for use of the dog park.


Ivan Stetter

Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018
This place has always been great for our little family. Between the Greenway now starting here, the dog park, the public events, and the upgrading of the park a little while back, this park is amazing. We come here to let the kids enjoy themselves around other people and there are always new friends to be made and new adventures to be had.

Amanda Courville

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Love the park and splash pad! My toddler had so much fun discovering the water for the first time. The park has tables, benches, and a pavilion for parties or large groups. The park was also very clean and had activities for all age groups. We loved it and will be going back.


Monday, March 26, 2018
High-end soccer park with something for everyone. If the top-notch soccer fields of all sizes aren't the reason for your visit, be sure to hit up the skate park or the brand new playground and splash-pad. Parking is plentiful and convenient, but it can be quite a trek to the furthest of the fields, so make sure you check ahead and allow yourself the time to get there before kick-off. In recent months (March 2018), the grass seems to have suffered on some of the more popular pitches, but this will surely improve with the advent of Spring. There are restrooms and a snack kiosk in the pavilion at the entrance to the fields, but I'm unsure of their hours or cleanliness. If they're anything like the rest of the park, though, they're probably good.

Stef McKoy

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Great park to take to kids even has a miniature water area for the hot summer days we get. They off a skate park across from the park and away from the little kids. There a trail that you can walk which I have yet to do, they have a dog park further down the road that big and high fences. It's all dirt so wear clothes that can get dirty. And when soccer season is in... boy it's in this is the field where all the soccer clubs come to practice and have games. There are so many fields it just keeps going and going and going! But the have a concession stand and bathroom area too.

Joanna Licea

Saturday, June 2, 2018
Very nice free small water pad size park for kids. The water area is a bit too slippery though might recommend water shoes for a little more grip. Clean playground with gazebo and few picnic tables. Very nice.

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