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Smokin' in McMinnville BBQ Festival

500 Garfield Street

Our office is located inside the McMinnville Civic Center Complex at 500 Garfield Street, McMinnville TN 37110. 

The McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department contains many acres of park land in 5 parks; Ramsey Park, Riverfront Park, Rocket Park, Pepper Branch Park and Pistole Park.

Our Civic Center Complex includes ballparks, The Jungle Jym, tennis courts, volleyball court, basketball courts,a wellness center and let's not forget about our main attraction the Gilley Pool!


Jc Pomes

Monday, July 2, 2018
Awesome pool. It is big-clean and well kept. Its always packed because it's the place to be on a hot day. The jungle gym beside it is very nice. A side for little toddlers and a side for older kids. The pool is $4 per person and if u need to leave u can come back after they give you a stamp.

DerBer-N-JuJu Prince

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
For the first time since moving here I attended the independence day fireworks show here. While the show was really well done, the lack of organization within the grounds parking lot was deplorable at best. I have unfortunately noticed that this is not a town made of polite citizens. It took us over 25 minutes to get out of the parking lot and we were only 30 feet from the exit. There were several people cutting others off and several near accidents. I think better patrolling of the parking lot as well as the surrounding streets would make for a more enjoyable experience as well as reducing the likelihood of tempers flaring and spoiling a good evening.

Nicole Brigandi

Friday, June 8, 2018
The pool was highly disappointing as far as their rules and dress code. Women can't wear shirts in the pool that are any color except white... ridiculous. No shorts either, not even shorter womens board shorts, but yet the guys can wear does that make any sense. The pool was nice, but packed and then there were the 15 minute "breaks" the lifeguards go on at certain times throughout the day where the pool shuts down and no one can swim, instead of making the lifeguards continuously rotate. We will never be going back, I'd rather swim in the river.

Daniel Sellers

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
This is a great building and I am glad to have it close by. They have several basketball courts and they also have a running track upstairs. We have been for events and they are able to pull up the basketball goals and make room for large parties. The staff is very nice, and there is plenty of parking in the lot. The entire outside is ringed in a sidewalk so if it's nice outside you have a great place to walk.

Destinee Durham

Thursday, May 24, 2018
Great play structure for older children... limited view of children... and poor cleanliness. These public places are for everyone and we really need to have respect for these places... when you leave trash, you may not have to pick it up but someone else does... the structure itself was pretty cool though.

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