Strikes and Spares Family Entertainment

90 Volunteer Drive


To provide a clean, professional, family environment for wholesome entertainment and family fun while maintaing high standards of cleanliness, modern equipment, high food quality, and impeccable service to our customers. To our employees we provide a work environment with long term employment and growth opportunities for our team members. Strike & Spare strives for maximum profitability by providing a quality product in a growing number of locations throughout the United States.


Leah Broda

Tuesday, Sep. 26, 2017

We had a blast!! My daughter had so much fun. This was our first time here and we did everything. Bowled, bumper cars, skated, jumped, and played in the jungle gym thing. There is a lot to do here and all of it fun. The staff is very nice and there are plenty of people working. Great time.

Christany Vigil

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017

We came to this place because it had better reviews then the other fun center places. The dining area was extremely messy and nasty, literally not one clean table. Employees are rude and not friendly. We were missing part of our order, so we go back to the counter and we are not greeted nor talked to. The manger made Eye contact with us, but never tried to help us. Then finally someone comes up but they have an attitude and got our Ballpark Nachos (which I might ad that it came out with stale tortilla style chips) for us and "nicely" informed us that we only get 1 bbq sauce for 5 chicken tenders and if we want more it is extra.... Are we serious? This was around 9-10 so I am sure people were tired but that does not give them a right to neglect their job or have poor customer service. Needless to say after we ate, we did not bowl like planned because we were so dissatisfied with the service that this company has provided that we decided to leave.

Brad McKenzie

Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017

Great place to go bowl a few games and let the kids play. Great and helpful staff. Looking for fun family entertainment this place has something for everyone.

Scott Dorman

Tuesday, Sep. 26, 2017

Clean, modern bowling alley. Other arcade type games, bumper cars, etc. As places like this go, it's very nice. Wednesday night $2 per game bowling was great (but double it if you need shoes). Friendly staff. Unfortunately, I can't recommend the pizza.

John Whittenburg

Friday, Oct. 27, 2017

Great prices on Wednesday night after 6pm! I had a great time here in the VIP section. Personally, one of the best bowling alleys I've been to.