Tennessee State Museum

505 Deaderick Street

Mission Statement:

"The mission of the Tennessee State Museum is to procure, preserve, exhibit, and interpret objects which relate to the social, political, economic, and cultural history of Tennessee and Tennesseans, and to provide exhibitions and programs for the educational and cultural enrichment of the citizens of the state."

About Us:

The Tennessee State Museum is one of the largest state museums in the nation with interpretive exhibits beginning with prehistoric Indian artifacts from 15,000 years ago continuing through the early 1900s interpreting Tennessee's history.


Mike The Mic Guy

Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017

Improving! They have made a lot of changes and have been improving a lot. I'm kinda surprised at how many people don't know about this place. It's got a lot of historical artifacts that you honestly wouldn't expect. Like a Mastodon and Saber Tooth Tiger skull, a mummy, and a lot more. It's definitely really cool and there's a lot to see. I've been there multiple times and I haven't even been through it all. It's truly amazing and not to mention, IT'S FREE!!!!!! Thank you Tennessee

Joe Barnosky

Monday, Nov. 27, 2017

This is definitely a great place to go. There are three levels full of artifacts, replicas, informational videos and a ton of history. There is something here for everyone, no matter your age. The best part is that it is free. There are a few artifacts missing, and there are little cards that say so for the, I assume much bigger museum they have planned and currently building that is due to be finished in 2018. Wasn't too crowded which was nice and there are a lot of places to sit. We toured the capital grounds first and went to the military museum, so the seats came in handy. There are restrooms next to the gift shop which is also convenient especially if you have young ones. There are also several elevators placed throughout for those wishing to not take the stairs.

Victor Wang

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018

Great spot to visit for absolutely free. Contains a ton of history about Tennessee and about the country a couple hundred years ago. The artifacts are extremely varied and the exhibition is huge. Love that some of the exhibits are even interactive and it's a great spot for young kids to learn about history.

Millie Kwan

Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017

This is a terrific free museum that has a lot of Indian artifacts moving through the Colonial period into modern times. Many interesting artifacts continuously through Tennessee history. The arrangement of the displays is a little choppy as it gets separated into 2 upstairs areas that are not connected and locating one of the elevators is a little tricky. Overall though there is something for everyone. Well worth the trip!

Keppel Small

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018

great place to see shows very comfy seating. easy to get in and out. only down side is no close parking