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Warner Park Nature Center

7311 Highway 100

The Warner Park Nature Center is an environmental education and recreation facility of the Nashville Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation, Karl Dean, Mayor. The Nature Center is a place where people and nature come together.

Kids at PondWe serve as a jump-off point for exploring the 2684 acres of Nashville's Percy Warner and Edwin Warner Parks.

We offer a wide range of environmental education programs, school field trips, educator training workshops, outdoor recreation programs and other special activities for people of all ages.

We serve as a natural history and education reference center for individuals and groups.

We promote, and serve as a resource for organic gardening and native plant landscaping.

Our campus includes the Susanne Warner Bass Learning Center which houses a natural history museum and programming space; the Milbrey Warner Waller Library complete with an extensive collection of natural history titles; the Emily Warner Dean Administration Building; a working organic garden including a greenhouse and a cedar shadehouse; a wildflower garden and fern garden; the Frist teaching pond; grounds landscaped with native plants; and the main trailhead for twelve miles of hiking trails.

Our Mission

    * To provide quality environmental education and responsible recreation.
    * To help protect, preserve, restore and manage the park ecosystem and all natural resources.
    * To raise awareness, foster respect and share enthusiasm for the natural environment


John Dooley

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
I can’t tell you how much I love this park. It’s a hidden gem in Nashville. The Warner Park system is huge, and you can run and hike its trails for years and never get tired. Percy Warner: White trail- easy 2.5 miles trail. A little crowded, but get a great taste of the park and takes you by the stone staircase Red trail- more difficult 4.5 mile trail (feels like 6 miles especially on a hot day) and has about 7 large hills you can conquer (pass out on). I love to take my mountain bike on the trails too, and they are actually great trails built by actual bikers. Jumps, rocks, ledges, you name it. Wait two days after it rains though. Edwin warner: Trails are much shorter, and I’d recommend this park more if you have going kids, Percy is a little too tough. Also, Edwin has the Nature Center which is fun to take kids into. The rangers are super smart and helpful.

Jonathan Bowman

Friday, May 18, 2018
Really good experience here. Nice environment and the people that work here are very friendly and will take good care of you . I highly recommend spending your hard earned time here enjoying the scenery.. you won't regret it. You got to try this place out today

Natalie Nicholls

Saturday, April 28, 2018
Massive, fantastic park perfect for picnics, games, hikes, trail running, biking, pretty much everything you could want in a park. And hey, I love dogs as much as the next person, but if you're going to bring yours on the trails, please follow the leash rules. For those of you that don't bother using a leash, you and your dog aren't better than everyone else, as much as you may like to think so.

Stephen Anstey

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018
Was in town for business and decided to stay the weekend. It was a warm fall day so found this park not too far from downtown. It was easy to get to and lots of space for parking. The trails were very well marked, with detailed maps at the trail heads. There are paved pathways which look great for easy walking especially with strollers but I mostly stayed on the unpaved paths that wind through the hills. The paths were very well marked and less traveled so made for some nice quiet hiking. Wildlife is obviously accustomed to hikers as I spotted a few deer only a few feet from the path. They did not startle and were easy to approach and take photographs. Beautiful park, glad I took the time to visit it when I was there.


Monday, May 7, 2018
Fantastic park! Numerous walking trails, lots of shade or sun depending on what you prefer. There is a visitor center with bathrooms and water fountains. This park is very dog friendly. There are also pavilions you can rent for events and parties with grills.

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