The 10 Best Escape Rooms in Tennessee!

The escape room trend has taken Tennessee by storm—if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out! Escape rooms are interactive puzzle games: you and your group are “locked” in a room and must solve clues and puzzles to make your way out. It’s a thrilling race against the clock as you put your detective skills to the ultimate test. Will you make it out in time? Try your luck at these 10 best escape rooms in Tennessee.

1. Extreme Escape Games, Franklin, TN

If you thought all escape rooms were the same, think again. The folks here are truly dedicated to creating a one of a kind experience you won’t find just anywhere. Fully immersive, innovative, and plenty challenging, their variety of games will have you engaged and on the edge from start to finish. Word to the wise: not everyone will make it out in time.

2. Music City Escape Room, Nashville, TN

With three interactive games to choose from, you’ll want to spend the whole afternoon trying to conquer the secrets within. Each game gives you 60 minutes to crack the code and see the light of day. You can book your game online, which is highly recommended because rooms fill up fast! 

3. Escape Experience, Chattanooga, TN

Designed to stimulate every sense and every emotion of your being, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a game that looks and feels every bit of real life. You’ve got five games to choose here, each one thrilling and full of surprises. You have an hour for each game, and need at least two people to play if you ever hope to make it out in time.

4. Memphis Escape Rooms, Memphis, TN

Two locations in Memphis deliver twice the excitement and thrills. This is the city’s original escape game, and now offers nine unique experiences. In addition, you can join the fun anytime, anywhere with their online SAGAs, which are the video game equivalent of an escape room you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

5. Escape Room Kingsport, Kingsport, TN

Three games—three chances to win! Will you become the next escape room dominator, or join the ranks of those who tried but failed? Fans love this escape room palace because of its high level of detail, and it’s one of the most cost-friendly escape rooms you’ll find. 

6. The Captured, Gatlinburg, TN

This two-part escape room was one of the first in Gatlinburg and remains one of the best. Each room offers their own unique challenges you won’t find at any other escape room. You’ll want to bring a group of friends to give you your best chance of beating the clock.

7. Bluff City Escape Rooms, Bartlett, TN

The best thing about this escape room series is that every room is 100 percent original—you won’t find these games anywhere else! Every room is designed, built, and stocked in house to give you a one of a kind experience. The prices here are extremely reasonable, giving you a cost-effective form of entertainment that will beat a trip to the bar or movies every time.

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8. Jackson Escape Rooms, Jackson, TN

The rooms here might have you questioning your very existence. Masterfully created and full of wonder and surprises, this game can becoming addicting. Game prices are extremely reasonable at just $20 per person, but visiting at the right time makes the price even sweeter at just $15. 

9. Murfreesboro Escape Rooms, Murfreesboro, TN

Choose one of three rooms, then let the mystery unravel as you battle the clock. Sixty minutes is all you have to prove your wits are stronger than the pressures of time. Stay sane to make it out on time, or go mad trying!

10. The Escape Game, Pigeon Forge, TN

You have one hour to complete your escape from one of five games—will you be one of the lucky ones? Their variety of games and extended hours make this place a prime choice among locals and travelers. Their games are perfect for adults and teens alike, so plan to bring the whole family. 

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